What a Beautiful Bride { Utah Bridal Portraits}

So everyone who knows me knows I do not do weddings unless of special circumstances. Amber came to me ( Me knowing her mother very well) asking If I could should her wedding, unfortunately I was booked but was more than happy to do some Bridals for her. She is gorgeous!
I happened to bring my twelve year old twins along with me on this Bridal photo shoot to help take pictures. Both my girls have been studying photography with me for a little bit under 6 months. They took some beautiful images as well. Here are a few of my favorites than I will post a few of their images as well. I however did all post processing. The very first image was one I took using my brand New Lens baby Composer pro lens. I love it even though I have only used it for the first time.

O.K so these Photographs below were from My Daughter MaKayla's camera.

and these next two were from my daughter Mckenzie's camera. i think they both did an excellent job.

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