Holiday memories caught on film

I recently had the opportunity to do photographs for a bunch of family members that were in town. It was quite the busy day but we got a lot of great photographs.Here are a few from our session.
I hope everyone had a great holiday with their friends and family.


new option

I have done Dvd slideshows for people for years. But have never offered it as an option with my photography before. because of the time involved. But with new faster equipment it makes it a lot easier to offer. So for those of you that have asked. I am now making it available.  Your dvd will include all your pictures in slideshow format. With  or without music. Senior shoots will also include video clips from their shoot. this is a great memory keepsake for years to come. The best part is the price. Only $10 a dvd. versus the $70 people use to pay me to do one. It is my way of saying thank you for a great shoot. you can also view your video dvd in your client proof section


fix it friday

original photo
photo by Traci at ordinary inspirations

On I heart faces they have fix it friday where you fix a picture they have. here is my fix below

1.brightness +32 contrast +24
2. duplicate image
3. use burn tool for overexposed leaves 32%
4.did levels adj. middle slider to .60
5. brighten +65 contrast +25
6.did a layer mask opacity 11% black brush over face & hair
7. flatten image
8. selected face and did a selective coloring on face to get rid of too much reds on right side of face.under reds: cayan +45 ,magenta-11, yellow +4, black -30
9. duplicated image did unsharp mask on eyes
10. Cloned leaves and placed over areas I thought were to bright. and fixed a hair I didnt like on forehead.
11. flattened image
12 croped according to rule of thirds
13. did one final brightness +14 contrast +23 and added vignette.


Lydia {Toddler photography Utah}

Toddler shoots....Boy are they fun and do they ever keep me young. This little girl Lydia was so active I could barely keep up. She did not want to look at me or the camera but boy was she a cutie. I don't think I even got a smile out of her until we brought baby Crew into the room. She was all smiles then.lol.
She was so hilarious putting on loads of necklaces,kicking her ball and running around. I was glad we got some cute shots of her for her parents.


Allred family-" Utah Family photoshoot"

What a great family! They were so much fun to photograph . All of them with such different personalities. We got some great shots,here are a few of my favorites!

Madison was quite the character when it came to her own pictures. She was pulling vogue poses left and right. Then goofing off for the family ones but she got some great fun pictures of her true personality.

Like any 13 year old boy he hates getting his picture taken and he hates to smile but we got some really fun shots of him with his skateboard.
SKYLERSkyler loves to play video games, so we had him with his controller. Notice his #1 pose. Can you beat him?

a cute mother daughter shot

Shannon  is so pretty. All her pictures turned out so good. I had a hard time choosing which ones to put up on the blog.


justin-{Utah football player photography}

It was so fun to photograph Justin. He got so into his role of the football player. Rough, tough and mean.We really got some great images of him.


New Senior Giveaway

This is a fantastic giveaway worth over $200. it is a free senior photoshoot. it includes 3-4 hours of on location and in studio sitting fee as well as a free 5x7. you will get a dvd slideshow of your senior shoot as well. All other prints will need to be ordered at a heck of a price!
make sure you tell all your family & friends who may be graduating this year.


FCDA team shots {Utah Dance team photography}

Alexis at Front & center dance academy wanted some fun team pictures to hang up in the dance studio of girls that made company teams. I told her I thought it would be cute to have them all around a big truck or jeep, she took it a step furthur and got some big Semi's from her dad's company" valgardson House movers". The shots were fun and the girls loved the pictures.

these are just a few.

favorite railroad shots {Uath child portrait}

o.k so I am going to be better about my blogging for Dani C photography. I have been a slacker and hope to post more shoots and imfo on my blog. here are a few favorites from a reccent railroad shoot. these girls were so fun and energetic. we got kicked off the tracks by the cops which was pretty crazy but we got some great shots in

new fairy pictures


Jensens { Utah family Photography}

What can I say.. I love this family. They are so sweet and adorable. I just loved their fun bright cheery pictures.


super busy

Just a few pictures. I have been so busy this blog is getting neglected.lol




Tanica my photogenic Angel. Seriously I could have shot her all day, And almost did. You seriously have to go to my website under client proofs and check her out. She is gorgeous. Can you believe her boyfriend just dumped her. What a putz. She was too good for him anyway.