Tanica my photogenic Angel. Seriously I could have shot her all day, And almost did. You seriously have to go to my website under client proofs and check her out. She is gorgeous. Can you believe her boyfriend just dumped her. What a putz. She was too good for him anyway.


Tegan my shy sweet Tegan. tegan needed her senior pictures done. below are a few of my favorites. She was so funny to shoot because everything was awkward to her. She does not like to get her picture taken. but she got some great shots.

tegan is always on her cell phone non stop. I thought this picture is hilarious.

Crew the cutest boy in the world

o.k o.k so maybe I am being a little byast since he is mine. but I just Love crews 6 mnth pictures. What I love even more about it is that my entire shoot with him only took 10 minutes. Below are a few of my favorites. As always you can view them all on my website.


This is my brother Lance. he wanted some updated model type pictures for his my space and well himself. It was a lot of fun. We went down to the railroad and local foundry to take some shots as well as some indoor shots. I enjoyed it because I do not have a lot of guys I take pictures of. it was a great time!