Logan's First birthday { Utah children photography}

Logan's First Birthday pictures were a lot of fun. He was not a happy camper about getting his pictures taken but we got some way cute shots. He was so fun to watch dig into his birthday cake. That little guy ate 3/4 of the cake. I bet he was sick that night. He is such a cutie as you can see by the pictures below. Here are a few of my favorite shots and color renditions of his photography shoot.


Matthew & Joni Manti Wedding {Utah wedding photography}

A few from Matthew & Joni's Wedding. I do not normally do weddings, but it is fun to do once in a while. Plus the Manti temple is gorgeous!


Jamie's Birthday party { group friend photography}

Oh to be young again. To have a party like this as a teenageer I would have done anything. My friend Lisa threw her daughter a birthday party, and for the party hired me to do a photoshoot. These girls were so lively and so much fun to photograph. They each got their own picture cd full of all images as a party favor including individual shots. What a cool mom huh? Here again are a few of my favorites.