EVY's 1st birthday & Griffon { Utah child photography}

I was kept busy today. two kids under two years old. It was little Evy's first birthday and man do I love these first birthday kids digging in their cakes. She wasn't to sure what to think about it at first but as you can see, she enjoyed it. Little griffon was a blast too. here are a few of my favorites from todays session.


Customer Appreciation Day

lets face it, I wouldnt be where I am at today without my fabulous clients. I have had so much fun taking your photo's throughout the year. And hope to be able to in the years to come. I wanted to do something to thank everyone, so I rented out the local skating rink. Though many could not make it do to vacationing, Know that I appreciate all of you.( Dancers that includes you!)
We had a great time. Here are some snapshots from the party. I did not even bring my camera. Can you believe it? I did not want it broken since I planned on getting out there and having fun too. So here are some shots I was sent.( thnks mom) Thanks again everyone! Can't wait for the upcoming year.


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A Biker's Wedding- { Utah wedding photography}

so I have never been to a Biker wedding before and was not sure what to expect. There were lots of harley davidson Motorcycles, lots of Leather and lots of party people. I had fun doing some creative coloring to these to make them really stand out as a biker wedding.