Grossman girls {utah birthday pictures}

these two cuties come every year to get their birthday pictures taken. Ana & T (Kassandra). I decided I wanted something fun and bright for their photo shoot. It has been a super long winter and I am sick of the snow and winter blues  feeling I have. So I brightened up the studio with a lot of bright pinks and greens, and we had some fun! These girls are always ready for their photo shoot.Here are a few of my favorites in my favorite color renditions.


Ayden { Provo, Utah newborn Photography}

I was really looking forward to this little guy. He is my nieces newest addition to their family. I of course as always had hoped that I would have a perfect sleeping baby for the entire shoot, so I heated the room to a perfect baby temperature, got everything prepared and what happens? yep another wide awake little guy. But that is o.k becasue we did get him to sleep for a few shots. His mom told me he slept the whole rest of the night (OF COURSE!) I still was excited because I was able to use a few new props I had in the studio and the photography turned out really cute. Here are a few of my favorites from this newborn photography session. And big sister Brooklyn was excited to be a part of it too.

Jen Birch & Family- {provo utah family photography}

So have you ever had those days that you knew were just going to be so busy that you would not even have time to think about how busy you are? Today was one of those days! But you know what i was so glad I was able to fit in the Jen Birch and her family for a family photography sesssion.
I had done Ryan's (her daughter) senior portraits last year, and know how beautiful these girls are. I could not wait to get behind the lens and take shots of some natural beauties.
It was a little chilly outside but we braved the weather and got a few different locations in in the time allowed.
I always know I can gt good creative shots with these girls because they are up for anything. Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot.


Suzette from professional to sexy valentine photography {utah photographers}

Suzette is just darling! She is a working professional who needed some nice head shots of her that did not look like mug shots for her website and office. She also wanted to throw in a little Valentine surprise for her husband by taking some sexy photos for him. She is both Classy & sexy at the same time.
I really enjoyed working with her. here are a few of my favorite photographs