How to take great Photographs of Children.

  My name is Danielle Christiansen And I am a mother,wife,hairstylist,digital scrapbook designer and Photographer! I know it is crazy right? How do I find the time to do it all? I still do not have the answer to that question.All I know is I love what I do and am passionate about all these things.
Today I would like to talk about photographing children.When I give photography courses this seems to be the most asked question. "What is the best way to photograph my child?" My answer is simple. When we photograph a child you have to look at the world from a child's point of view. If we were to list some words that described a child, a few would be, Active,moody, full of life,energetic. So these are the things we need to capture when photographing a child.
There is no set rule saying to have a good picture it has to be one where your child is looking at the camera and smiling. In fact my favorite pictures are opposite of that.Just think of when you look at somebody's picture album do you want to see a bunch of pictures of the same kid smiling or different pictures to make it more interesting.  For this example I am going to use a couple pictures of my son. While the first picture is definitely cute. he is looking forward, he is smiling, but it really isn't true to the nature of that day. He was being very stubborn. The second picture to me was more interesting to look at. Seeing that little eye peeking out as to say "you aren't going to get a picture of me."

2. get down to their level.
One of the best thing you can do when photographing children is getting down to their level. If that means rolling around on the ground than that is what you need to do. It makes for much more interesting pictures. We all know we are taller than a child, so in order to get a good picture that is true to a child, we need to be like that child. I cannot tell you how many times I have acted like a complete idiot to get a good picture. But children love to play.If we play with them, picture taking is fun not stressful.
Like this example if I was not down on the ground I would have never got this shot of this cute little guy looking up to his big brother. To a child we are all so big and exciting.

3. Take one vertically and one Horizontally
It is always a good idea to take the same picture vertically and horizontally to get two different point of views. The same goes for take one picture wide angle and one with a zoom.

3.Move around as to not get clutter in the background.

Well we know kids love to move SO we move with them. If you are specifically out to get a nice portrait, than be aware of your surroundings.Make sure you remove any unnecessary clutter from the background.
If you do not like your surroundings bring a big colored poster board and have someone hold it behind your subject.

4. Be aware of the light!

Good Photography is all about light It can make or break a photograph. In this example we were doing a photo shoot for a clothing line and My daughter loved this spot. However she had harsh shadows on her face. I simply had her tilt her head more towards me and the sun to get rid of some of those harsh shadows. have your subject turn there face from one side to another to see if there is any good light that will work for that spot. if you have to circle them than do it! You can also use flash as a fill light for the shadows. but you must read your manual to see your cameras flash range. most are around 10 feet.

Last thing I will mention is take from different angles. Not just the front. Move to the side.
here is a couple pictures of my son. I was in the salon doing hair and got stuck with no babysitter. So i Put my son on a chair with a book. I got busy talking with my client when we hear a really loud snore. We looked back and he was fast asleep on his book. (That must have been one boring book ). What makes these pictures good is that I took it from two different angles to show how funny it was.

I could go on and on but I will leave you all with that today. I hope you all have learned at least one thing from my post today, so you can go out and take terrific pictures of your children this summer.Please visit and like my facebook page at  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dani-C-Photography/379300990942
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