Jen Birch & Family- {provo utah family photography}

So have you ever had those days that you knew were just going to be so busy that you would not even have time to think about how busy you are? Today was one of those days! But you know what i was so glad I was able to fit in the Jen Birch and her family for a family photography sesssion.
I had done Ryan's (her daughter) senior portraits last year, and know how beautiful these girls are. I could not wait to get behind the lens and take shots of some natural beauties.
It was a little chilly outside but we braved the weather and got a few different locations in in the time allowed.
I always know I can gt good creative shots with these girls because they are up for anything. Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot.


The Lewis Family said...

Ok, where did you take those? I love the blue background.

grinNberrett said...

where do you come up with all the locations that you use as the backdrops? Do you just drive around and keep a listing of them when you find them?

Danielle Christiansen said...

pretty close. I am always aware of all my surroundings whenever I go anywhere, so i can find the perfect spots that no one else has found yet.