Grossman girls {utah birthday pictures}

these two cuties come every year to get their birthday pictures taken. Ana & T (Kassandra). I decided I wanted something fun and bright for their photo shoot. It has been a super long winter and I am sick of the snow and winter blues  feeling I have. So I brightened up the studio with a lot of bright pinks and greens, and we had some fun! These girls are always ready for their photo shoot.Here are a few of my favorites in my favorite color renditions.


The Lewis Family said...

beautiful! the colors are so vibrant!

grinNberrett said...

where do you get the props that you use in the photos? do you have the people bring them, or do you provide some?

Danielle Christiansen said...

all the props are here in studio for the most part. Unless they bring there own stuffed animal or something.