Green Family- { family photography Utah}{ wheeler farm}

Can you say freezing? That is what we were for my shoot today with the green family. I ventured out to Salt Lake to take this very fun families portraits. I love doing family pictures when you have a family this fun! First off we froze. When we were not taking pictures, people were huddled into blankets and coats and doing whatever we could to stay warm. look at these two cuties freezing to death.
Than we got attacked by the geese on the farm. My Mom who was my assistant chased them away after one acually bit her in the rear. I must say I got a good laugh at that one. this guy thought he was king of the farm. Snout up in the air and all.
We still got some great shots of the family. here are a few of my favorites!

Thanks for letting me spend the morning with you guys!


Cilka said...

Cute baby in these pictures. I want to pinch her cheeks!

The Lewis Family said...

Ok, love the wagon as part of the pics!

grinNberrett said...

do you pick the location of the shoots, or do your customers?

danielle said...

Usually I give several suggestions based on what type of pictures they are looking for. In this case, they lived near here and came up with this as somewhere they could all meet.

esproductions said...

Really the pictures are very nice.