achievment days girls {pre-teen photography Utah}

I have always believed that if you have a talent you should offer that talent to others. In my Church that is what lots of people do. No... that does not mean I give everyone a free photoshoot, discounts...yep.;).
     I am an achievment day leader for the 10-12 age group at my church. I do activities with the girls twice a month to help grow every area in there life, such as service,health, gospel,talents,personal development & more. This month we talked a lot about personal Hygeine. Our first lesson was all the boring stuff that no one likes to hear. However, the girls all got some fun stuff to take home..such as A mirror,combs,hair acc. and more. As an extention to this lesson, i thought it would be fun to do a mini photoshoot of the girls so they understood how important it is to look your best. No, that does not mean they have to be super models. It sure was fun for them to act like one for a day though. here are a few of my favorites of each girl. They are all such cuties.


The Lewis Family said...

i think that i the sweetest thing that you took pics of your ach girls.

Cilka said...

Your twins are so cute! And they were such a big help on our photo shoot!

grinNberrett said...

love the breezy hair look.

Danielle Christiansen said...

ya they did too!