Tanica Senior portraits indoor session {Utah senior photographer}

Every day I wake up and thank God that I am allowed to do what I love. I have always loved photography and people, when they are together I am at my happiest.
I had the great opportunity to photograph Tanica for her second session of her Senior package:Indoors.
My indoor senior session is mostly those conservative shots that hang in the homes of the Graduating seniors parents & grandparents walls. But of course those that know me know I have to throw some other stuff in there with it as well. Tanica is so much fun to shoot we laugh the entire time. This time she brought her boy for a few shots together too. Of course he told me " I dont smile" And he gave me his typical guy smile of CHEESE. I laughed at him and than magic we got true genuine smiles.
Below are a few of my favorites from the shoot. These are in my favorite color renditions.
 I have to say Seniors are one of my favorite subjects to shoot. Oh I would have paid over $1000 to have pictures like these of me at my prime.lol.
I have been blessed these last few weeks with tons of work. So thank you everyone!

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The Lewis Family said...

what a beautiful girl, must have been very easy to take these great pics with her as the subject :)