Front & Center Dance Academy {Utah Dance Team Photography}

Dance season for me has been crazy but good. I had the opportunity this last weekend to take pictures for Front & Center Dance Academy a fabulous dance studio (in fact my girls dance for them) Check out the site and tell them Danielle sent you.
here are a few of my favorites and I know you will recognize the first girls. Yep! its my MaKayla & McKenzie  doing a part from their Michael Jackson Duo.


Angie said...

Those are SO awesome! Your girls are so cute too...love their hair. :)

K.J. said...

Those pictures are ALL so so adorable...what a great photographer!!! :)
I can't wait to get my copies!!!

Amy Hunter said...

So fun! Your girls are gorgeous! You HAVE been busy! But, when are you NOT busy, girl??? Its fun to see Sophie too!

April Henderson said...

So cute! Your girls are beautiful and are getting so big! Love APril
p.s. Same to Shanny!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures - great photograher - darling girls my granddaughters. Grandma Gough - Mom