new option

I have done Dvd slideshows for people for years. But have never offered it as an option with my photography before. because of the time involved. But with new faster equipment it makes it a lot easier to offer. So for those of you that have asked. I am now making it available.  Your dvd will include all your pictures in slideshow format. With  or without music. Senior shoots will also include video clips from their shoot. this is a great memory keepsake for years to come. The best part is the price. Only $10 a dvd. versus the $70 people use to pay me to do one. It is my way of saying thank you for a great shoot. you can also view your video dvd in your client proof section


grinNberrett said...

this is a great option to have. Do you think you could make it available online as well?

danielle said...

Are you talking about people that are not clients? That would be a larger fee becausee with my clients the work is done and organizes already.