fix it friday

original photo
photo by Traci at ordinary inspirations

On I heart faces they have fix it friday where you fix a picture they have. here is my fix below

1.brightness +32 contrast +24
2. duplicate image
3. use burn tool for overexposed leaves 32%
4.did levels adj. middle slider to .60
5. brighten +65 contrast +25
6.did a layer mask opacity 11% black brush over face & hair
7. flatten image
8. selected face and did a selective coloring on face to get rid of too much reds on right side of face.under reds: cayan +45 ,magenta-11, yellow +4, black -30
9. duplicated image did unsharp mask on eyes
10. Cloned leaves and placed over areas I thought were to bright. and fixed a hair I didnt like on forehead.
11. flattened image
12 croped according to rule of thirds
13. did one final brightness +14 contrast +23 and added vignette.


Owner said...

Oooh! You got it! I love your edited photo! Who's the original? LOL. I l,ove the way you crop it! You followed the rules of third! ;) The color is perfect!!!
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grinNberrett said...

cool. thanks for sharing this. I have some photos that I would love to fix up.

Danielle Christiansen said...

your welcome!