Allred family-" Utah Family photoshoot"

What a great family! They were so much fun to photograph . All of them with such different personalities. We got some great shots,here are a few of my favorites!

Madison was quite the character when it came to her own pictures. She was pulling vogue poses left and right. Then goofing off for the family ones but she got some great fun pictures of her true personality.

Like any 13 year old boy he hates getting his picture taken and he hates to smile but we got some really fun shots of him with his skateboard.
SKYLERSkyler loves to play video games, so we had him with his controller. Notice his #1 pose. Can you beat him?

a cute mother daughter shot

Shannon  is so pretty. All her pictures turned out so good. I had a hard time choosing which ones to put up on the blog.


Jesicca said...

LOVE the skateboard!

Cilka said...

Great job capturing these kids interests!!

grinNberrett said...

speaking of single parent photoshoots.....are you able to photoshop in a women of my choosing to a family portrait?

Danielle Christiansen said...

ya as long as you don't post it on facebook with out her permission. lol.